​​This is a subject that comes up often with clients. Many people are unaware that companies can basically claim whatever they want about a product without it actually being true. That product that has argan oil in the name could actually only have 1% of that in the ingredients. The rest is all dimethicone or other silicones that will make it LOOK as if you have had the added conditioning and moisture benefits of argan...until you wash your hair.

Another big issue with grocery store product is diversion. The "professional" products that you can purchase at the store are diverted product. This means that the companies do not actually sell to these retailers because they sell only to professionals. Diverted products are purchased by a supposedly reputable company but then resold to a grocery chain. Many professional brand companies are in and out of court trying to fight this from happening. One of the largest issues with this is that these middle men are often selling expired or tampered with product. Testing has been done on diverted product out of Mexico. Lets just say the results came back with many things you would not want to put on your body!

There are many reasonably priced professional brands on the market. I challenge you to make the switch for one month and see the difference in your hair!

See you in the chair!


​​I know things that factor in on the outcome or possible process of a hair color can be a bit confusing to a lot of clients. Honestly, it can be a bit confusing even to us for the first few years until we've mastered the understanding of color correction. I totally get that you got bored and threw a box color over my previous creation. I get bored too...but here are a few tidbits for you to think about BEFORE the next time this happens and also a bit about maintaining your beautiful locks.

1.Lifting out artificial color is more difficult than lifting natural color. The results will always be warmer and darker than if we had lifted your natural color.

2.I will only lift you as high as I can without causing too much damage. Corrective color can and most likely will take numerous sessions. You may not be that beautiful ashy blonde you wanted after the first visit but you will have hair on your head.

3.If you have colored your hair with a permanent, a demi, a box, or in a is colored. It will never fade out of the hair completely. Unless it has been cut off there is still artificial color molecule in it. I need to know this to give you the best end result.

4.If you color over blonde it doesn't mean we will be doing less damage to lift it back to blonde. If anything, it is more damaging to lift hair that has been lifted amd color processed prior to lifting.

5.Your shampoo and conditioner matter.. like a lot. I can't stress this enough. Hair color is an investment that needs to be taken care of.

6.Coming in between services for a deep conditioner or an acid toner will make a huge difference in how your hair looks. Shiny & Healthy Hair = Happy Hair

7.Cold water washing keeps hair color from fading as fast. Even room temp would be better than hot. This is especially important with reds or ash tones.

8.If you color your hair darker and then want it lighter.. it has now become a corrective process. We will have to first lift the color and then apply the color you desire.

Always feel free to call with questions. I'm as invested in your hair looking good as you are!
Now let's do some fun color in 2017!