BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR  is still a huge trend in 2017!

To achieve this look you need to be using the right shampoo and conditioner
for your hair type, and you need to be getting your hair trimmed regularly.
We don't know anyone who looks good with split ends!!  Also, a good hair, skin, and nails vitamin can do wonders!

A big factor in the way your hair lays is how it's layered. It is important that you
have a good consultation with your stylist so that you are both on the same
page about the look you are going for.

We are also loving REDS right now!

There are so many different shades of red. The one that your stylist and you agree upon should compliment your skin tone. We have a GREAT color line for reds!

We have also seen some variations on the OMBRE trend, using colors other than blond. We need more brave people to want to do some of these!!!

It's time to quit being afraid of BRIGHT COLORS!!!!
There is a way to do them tastefully and we love to do them!
The possibilities are endless!


A classic highlight can be gorgeous...but if you're looking for something different try a balayage highlight. It produces the more natural, beach sun kissed look that so many celebrities are wearing these days.