All of our cutting services include wash & style out. It is important to completely finish out a cut to achieve the best result. Cutting pricing is dependent on length/density of hair and is as follows:

Artist 1. $45 - $60

Artist 2. $60 -$70

Artist 3. $60 -$80, depending on stylist

Men’s grooming . $25 -$40, depending on stylist


Our environment is very color focused. We pride ourselves in our ability to execute beautiful, personalized looks for every client. We always remain educated and current in our industry.

Color pricing will be different for every client. We base our pricing structure on length/density of hair. It will also vary based on artist’s pricing level.

Many of our stylist provide free color consultations if you are in need of a personalized quote. Corrective color services must always have a consultation before booking. Most Artist 3 stylists will require a consultation for all new clientele.


We have multiple stylist that provide up styling services. Pricing will vary based upon length/density of hair and artist’s pricing level.